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Praetorium offers a number of services to increase your revenue, save you time and also save you money without any charge at all.

Services we offer

Marketing your hall for Hire

We will look to maximise the potential revenue that can be made by the hire of your hall, whilst making sure that it is ready for your own activities when required. This service includes advertising the hall on our own website and other websites to give maximum exposure. We will also list with Google and similar sites, including a range of social media. We can also provide posters for your noticeboard, notices for your newsletter, and an outdoor sign to be attached in a prominent position. We will co-ordinate viewings/bookings, create invoices, collect payments and provide you with a monthly statement. We will also be responsible for arranging cleaners (if required) and/or any other extra requirements e.g. licences, food, etc.


The best part of all is that we do not charge a penny to the owners of the hall.
Please get in touch to find out more.

Property Maintenance

We will act as a one-stop-shop for all repairs, maintenance or servicing required at your premises, whether it be your hall, church or home. Instead of having to search for hours and risk choosing a rogue tradesman, make one call to us and let us know what needs to be done and we will organise everything else, regardless of how big or small, whether it’s a tiny leak or a complete renovation.

Utilities Management

Fed up of having to waste time searching for the best deals? Or, worse still, not having time to and consequently paying far too much? We will diarize the correct time to cancel automatic renewals and find a great deal to help save you lots of money.

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