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Our Lady of the Assumption Church Hall – A Versatile Venue for Memorable Gatherings

Explore the possibilities at Our Lady of the Assumption Church Hall, a large and accommodating venue capable of seating up to 150 people. With 150 chairs and 15 8-seater tables provided, along with kitchen facilities and a small walled garden area, this hall offers a convenient and versatile space for a variety of events. Located next to Deptford Train Station, it provides easy accessibility for guests and visitors.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: The hall can cater to up to 120 people seated, making it suitable for various events.
  • Seating and Tables: 120 chairs and 15 8-seater tables are provided, offering flexibility in event setups.
  • Kitchen Facilities: Equipped with kitchen facilities, the hall allows for the preparation and serving of refreshments and meals during events.
  • Small Walled Garden Area: A charming addition, the small walled garden area provides an outdoor space for a breath of fresh air.
  • Convenient Location: Ideally located next to Deptford Train Station, ensuring easy accessibility for guests.

Versatile Interior Space:

  • Open Interior Space: The open interior space creates opportunities for exciting activities, including games, dancing, dinners, and more.
  • Bright Atmosphere: The bright atmosphere of the hall fosters an ideal space where people can come together to enjoy various activities.

Ideal for Various Events:

  • Kids Parties: Suitable for lively and entertaining kids parties.
  • Formal Dinners: Ideal for formal dinners and gatherings.
  • Dances and Performances: The hall can host dances, performances, and a variety of events.

Usage Details:

  • Closing Time: The hall closes at 10pm.
  • Suitability: Suitable for regular classes, children’s parties, and some adult parties. Please enquire for further details.

Ideal Location: The Church hall is ideally situated for residents in Deptford, New Cross, Brockley, and Lewisham, serving as a central hub for the surrounding communities.

Book Your Event: If the versatility and convenience of Our Lady of the Assumption Church Hall align with your event needs, please get in touch using the enquiry form below. We look forward to assisting you in hosting a memorable event at our welcoming venue.

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