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St William of York, Forest Hill Church Hall – An Attractive and Versatile Venue

Discover the charm of St William of York, Forest Hill Church Hall, a freshly re-decorated venue perfect for various events. This attractive space accommodates up to 80 people, ideal for small to medium gatherings, children’s parties, and regular classes in Forest Hill. With its recent renovations and modern amenities, the hall offers a welcoming atmosphere for community members and visitors alike.

Venue Highlights:

  • Attractive Design: Welcoming atmosphere in a newly decorated space
  • Modern Kitchen: Newly re-fitted for convenient catering
  • Inclusive Facilities: Toilets with disabled access and baby changing facilities
  • Outdoor Area: Supervised space for children’s activities (see video)
  • Convenient Parking: Free on-street parking available

Versatile Event Space:

  • Flexible Layout: Suitable for meetings, parties, and classes
  • Well-Equipped: Essential amenities and adjustable seating
  • Catering-Friendly: Kitchen facilities for food preparation
  • Bright Interior: Windows on both sides provide ample natural light
  • Additional Space: Outside area adjacent to the building

Important Details:

  • Location: Second floor (no lift access)
  • Hall Dimensions: 8.9m x 7.6m
  • Capacity: Up to 80 people

A Community Hub in Forest Hill

St William of York Church Hall serves as more than just a venue; it’s a vibrant community hub that brings people together. The hall’s versatility makes it an ideal space for a wide range of events, from joyous celebrations to educational workshops and everything in between.

The hall’s location in Forest Hill ensures easy accessibility for local residents and visitors. The availability of free on-street parking adds to the convenience, making it an attractive option for event organizers and attendees alike.

Modern Amenities for Diverse Events

The newly re-fitted kitchen is a significant asset, allowing for the preparation of refreshments and meals on-site. This feature is particularly valuable for events such as community dinners, fundraisers, or catered celebrations. The kitchen’s modern equipment ensures that hosts can cater to their guests’ needs efficiently.

The hall’s bright interior, thanks to windows on both sides, creates a welcoming and energizing atmosphere. This natural light is perfect for daytime events and can be complemented by the hall’s lighting system for evening gatherings.

Inclusive and Family-Friendly

St William of York Church Hall prides itself on being an inclusive space. The provision of toilets with disabled access ensures that the venue is accessible to all community members. Additionally, the baby changing facilities make it a family-friendly location, ideal for parent groups or children’s events.

The supervised outdoor area adjacent to the building offers a safe space for children’s activities. This feature is particularly appealing for children’s parties or family-oriented events, providing a change of scenery and fresh air option.

Flexible Space for Various Uses

With its dimensions of 8.9m x 7.6m, the hall offers a generous space that can be adapted to various layouts. Whether you’re planning a seated dinner, a dance class, or a community meeting, the hall can be configured to meet your specific needs. The adjustable seating arrangements allow for maximum flexibility in event planning.

Book Your Event in Forest Hill

Interested in hosting your event at St William of York Church Hall? Fill out our enquiry form below to start planning your memorable occasion in Forest Hill. Our team is ready to assist you in making the most of this versatile and charming venue.

Whether you’re organizing a one-time event or looking for a regular meeting space for community activities, St William of York Church Hall offers the flexibility, comfort, and convenience to make your gatherings truly special. Join us in this welcoming space and become part of the vibrant Forest Hill community.

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