Hartley Hall
Culverley Road
United Kingdom

Hartley Hall – A Beautifully Refurbished Venue in Catford

Explore the charm of Hartley Hall, a beautifully refurbished Church hall located just outside the heart of Catford. The main hall is particularly attractive, offering a bright and airy feel with a large kitchen, tables and chairs for 100 people, a large TV, and a beautifully finished wooden floor. The venue is designed to create a welcoming atmosphere for a variety of events.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully Refurbished: Hartley Hall boasts a beautifully refurbished interior, creating an inviting space for various occasions.
  • Large Kitchen: The main hall comes with a large kitchen, providing convenience for catering and food preparation.
  • Tables and Chairs: Equipped with tables and chairs for 80 people, offering flexibility in event setups.
  • Large TV: A large TV is available, enhancing the venue’s capabilities for presentations and entertainment.
  • Bright and Airy Feel: Lots of windows contribute to a bright and airy feel in the main hall.

Versatile Interior Space:

  • Open Interior Space: The open interior space of Hartley Hall creates opportunities for exciting activities, such as dinners and performances.
  • Kitchen Facilities: The hall provides kitchen facilities for the preparation and serving of refreshments and meals during events.
  • Suitable for Various Events: Ideal for a multitude of different events, formal dinners, regular events, dances and performances.
  • Partition Curtain: The venue features a partition curtain to split the main room, providing flexibility for different event setups.


  • Weekday Bookings: The building is available on weekdays for regular bookings, accommodating a variety of events.

Book Your Event: If the charm and versatility of Hartley Hall align with your event needs, please get in touch to discuss availability. Fill out the enquiry form below, and we look forward to helping you host a memorable event in our beautifully refurbished venue.

Hartley Hall

Hartley Hall

Hartley Hall