Our Lady of Lourdes
69 Camborne Avenue
HP21 7UE
United Kingdom

Our Lady Of Lourdes Church hall, Bedgrove, is available for hire for both party and regular bookings. Our hall for hire is a versatile and accessible space designed to accommodate a wide array of events and gatherings for both individuals and groups within a local area.

This multipurpose venue offers a welcoming and neutral environment that can be adapted to suit a variety of needs. Bedgrove hall features a spacious interior with essential amnesties such as a kitchen area and tables and chairs available. Its open spaces and flexible layout means the hall is well-equipped to host a range of events. The flexibility allows event organizers to easily transform the space to match the specific theme or purpose of their event. The hall is well suited for activities such as dancing and dinners. Bedgrove is available for both adult and children parties as well as regular dance and exercise classes.

The hall provides a welcoming and accessible atmosphere, and provides ample parking space, including disabled, allowing ease-of-access for all its guests.

We hope this hall interests you! Please get in touch for any further information, you can find an enquiry form below.

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