579 Westhorne Ave

Real Life Centre – Convenient Venue with Essential Amenities

Discover the versatile Real Life Centre, a smaller venue offering the use of a kitchen and the main hall. Located in an easy to find location, the Real Life Centre can cater for a range of varied events to suit your needs.

Key Features:

  • Ample Free Parking: The Real Life Centre offers ample free parking in the surrounding road, ensuring convenience for your guests.
  • Kitchen Facilities: Make use of the limited kitchen available at the Real Life Centre for heating food and hot beverages during your events.
  • Main Hall: Utilize the main hall for your event activities, providing a versatile space for various types of gatherings.
  • Accessibility: The Real Life Centre is accessible for those with disabilities or mobility issues, ensuring inclusivity for all attendees.

Additional Information:

  • Booking Options: The Real Life Centre offers booking options seven days a week, providing flexibility for your event scheduling. Churches are welcome to practice at the venue as per their requirements (Conditions apply).
  • Contact Information: For inquiries or booking, please contact us on 01372457651.

For events requiring a convenient location with essential amenities, ample local parking, and inclusive accessibility, the Real Life Centre is an excellent choice. We look forward to helping you host a successful event.

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