St Wilfred’s church hall
Lorrimore Road
SE17 3LZ
United Kingdom

St Wilfrid’s Church Hall – A Versatile Venue for Every Occasion

Welcome to St Wilfrid’s Church Hall, a medium-sized and well-maintained space designed to accommodate up to 100 people. Whether you’re planning children’s parties, conferences, regular classes, or general hire, our hall is equipped to meet your needs. Discover the features that make our venue a perfect choice for a variety of events.

Key Features:

  • Medium-sized Hall: Big enough to host up to 100 people comfortably.
  • Ideal for Various Events: From children’s parties and conferences to regular classes, the hall is versatile for different occasions.
  • Well-Equipped Kitchen: Benefit from a kitchen facility for your catering needs.
  • Disabled Toilet Facilities and Access: Ensuring inclusivity with accessible facilities for all guests.
  • Enclosed Outdoor Play Area: A dedicated outdoor space for recreation and play.

Versatility and Adaptability:

  • Spacious and Adaptable: Open floor plans and modular seating arrangements cater to different event setups.
  • Adjustable Lighting: Create the perfect ambiance with customizable lighting options.
  • Basic Facilities: The venue provides essential amenities, including toilets, kitchen facilities, and staging areas.
  • Hub for Local Activities: Serve as a central point for local clubs, organizations, and social gatherings.

Booking Information:

  • Availability: The hall is currently available on Friday evenings, all day Saturday, and Sundays after 1 pm.
  • Convenient Location: A ten-minute walk from the underground station with a bus stop right outside the front door.
  • Flexible Booking: Whether you need the hall for a few hours or as a regular venue, we’re here to accommodate your needs.
  • Get in Touch: For inquiries or to discuss your requirements, call us or drop us an email. An enquiry form is also available below. We look forward to welcoming you to St Wilfrid’s Church Hall!

St. Wilfrid's Church Hall